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Our Story

We are gamers. We smash. We level up. When we’re in the zone - time doesn’t fly. It blasts off into a wormhole, never to be seen again.

Games for us aren’t just a fad, or a phase, or some time-killing habit that will soon give way to some other form of entertainment. No. Gaming is our lifestyle. 

We swear by it, and we don’t like to keep it only to ourselves. In fact, we’re thrilled to find the next item whose design took a leap from our screens to real life. That’s why we couldn’t fathom why the market for phone cases is so...underwhelming. 

Search after search, all we could see were some shady companies with even shadier suppliers making some quick bucks by printing counterfeit designs from our favorite games on some cheap rubbery case. 

But, we couldn’t see us. We couldn’t see the passion and the connection. Everything that truly matters about gaming wasn’t present. 

That’s when we thought to ourselves: “We couldn’t possibly be the only ones that want a cool gaming phone case that didn’t come from AliExpress?!” 

One brainstorming session, hundreds of work hours, and thousands of cases sold later - we got our answer. 

But what we ended up with is something we couldn’t dream of at the beginning. 

We built the world’s only company that lets you customize your gaming phone case. 

You can choose from dozens of vibrant designs from your favorite game and then personalize it with your username, server name, and team name. 

All in the name of building connections. Between you and the game you spend hours playing. You and your team without whom all those hours wouldn’t be the same. And between you and other passionate players all over the world.

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